MJF handing in his chip reward

MJF responds to Bryan Danielson views on Steve Austin and The Rock growing up

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Bryan Danielson recently stated that he was not the biggest fan of The Rock and Steve Austin growing up. The AEW star added that the two spoke a lot more than he liked and that he preferred those who wrestled more.

Never one to hold back his opinions, new AEW world champion MJF responded to this statement on Twitter, blasting The American Dragon by stating that it was as bland as his personality.

Interestingly, next week on AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming, the Salt of the Earth will defend his title against Ricky Starks. Provided he comes out on top, MJF’s next opponent will likely be Bryan Danielson.

Considering it was MJF who more or less send William Regal packing from AEW by attacking him viciously a couple of weeks back, and that the former WWE Champion considers the Brit as a father figure, such a feud makes sense. More importantly, it will help legitimize MJF even more and solidify him as the future face of the business.


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