MJF responds to Adam Cole's threats about hitting him in the face

MJF responds to Adam Cole’s threats about hitting him in the face

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Adam Cole sent a fiery message to MJF recently and The Salt of the Earth has responded to the threats from The Panama City Playboy.

Adam Cole fed up with MJF mentioning Britt Baker 👀

(via @rasslin) https://t.co/LDFK9lZ2NX

MJF name dropped Britt Baker during his recent promo battle with CM Punk, where he accused the Second City Saint of trying to woo the AEW women’s champion. This was in response to CM Punk stating that Britt Baker had replaced MJF as one of the four pillars of AEW.

Speaking to Renee Paquette and Miesha Tate on Throwing Down, MJF addressed Adam Cole’s comments that he’d knock MJF out if he mentioned Britt Baker’s name again.

“You know, so Adam Cole apparently just did an interview with this — you know that Brandon Walker guy? Big hick, disgusting, kind of. So he did an interview with him and Adam Cole, he said that if I talk about Britt [Baker] anymore, he’s gonna sock me in the face which listen, all respect to the boom boy, Adam’s a great guy. I don’t have a problem with Adam, my problem’s with Punk.” (h/t: Post Wrestling)

MJF vs Adam Cole in AEW would be a dream match

We got Adam Cole Vs MJF crumbs today!!! One of the last dream feuds I remember MJF talking about!!! I’m going be so excited when it finally happens! 😍

Tony Khan added a number of big names to his roster in 2021, with Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson and CM Punk being the three biggest additions to AEW in 2021. The possibilities of dream matches are endless.

While fans are getting a blockbuster feud between CM Punk and MJF, MJF vs Adam Cole could be an equally mouthwatering feud. It can be argued that Adam Cole receives the loudest reaction on a weekly basis and he’s a world class performer inside the ring and on the mic.

The back story is already in place, as AEW has shown time and again that history is not just wiped out. There is a great possibility that this recent war of words will prove to be a catalyst for Adam Cole and MJF having a memorable storyline in the future.


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