MJF may well be one of the ones spearheading the ratings growth

MJF Refusing to sign fans tit*ies after Dynamite (FULL VIDEO)

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One of the best heels in modern professional wrestling is acknowledged as being MJF. MJF brings a distinctive presence to the ring by fusing his finance experience with a flare for the theatrical and his assured mic skills with a harsh in-fight style. He has continuously attracted attention for his theatrics both inside and outside the ring, making him a star performer for All Elite Wrestling. This narrative occurs outside of the traditional boundaries.

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MJF’s long record of noteworthy achievements has contributed to his current status as one of the greatest names in the business. He is a great heel because he is able to make fun of and taunt people, whether they are wrestlers or fans. When a female admirer asked for his autograph, exactly this happened. He tweeted about the experience to inform followers.

Some sknak in El Paso tried to get me to sign her breasts outside the arena. Multiple people recorded it. Still hasn’t made its way to twitter. Prob cuz people in El Paso don’t know how to use technology.


MJF Titties


The AEW World Champion could use a sharpie, which the other spectators soon hunted for. Then he returned, and as he was ready to sign her chest, he saw a fan filming the exchange. When the fan acknowledged that he was recording, MJF simply left without signing anything on his body.


The amusing occurrence and interaction with the fans demonstrate why MJF is initially so well-liked. If he can maintain his consistency, MJF will undoubtedly become a major star in the world of professional wrestling.



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