MJF took out William Regal on this week's AEW Dynamite

MJF is on a different level when cutting promos

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AEW’s reputation for creative freedom has not only been a drawing point for wrestlers, but also something fans often praise. Jim Cornette recently reviewed had major praise for the Dynamite segment feturing MJF and praised the star for utilizing his creative freedom to deliver a convincing promo.

Cornette has gained a reputation for being very critical of All Elite Wrestling, which is why when the veteran praises someone on the roster, they’ve likely gone above and beyond to earn his goodwill.

Speaking on the latest Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling veteran spoke on AEW World Champion MJF recent Dynamite segment, where he announced Bryan Danielson’s next opponent.

“It gets old when we say this, but he’s two levels above everybody else verbally. It’s his own material, he delivers it with emotion – in a lot of cases you can buy that he’s rattling it off the top of his head.” 

Cornette continued, claiming that Friedman is the best at cutting these kinds of promos.

“That’s what happens when you’re doing your own s**t, not something somebody else told you to say. Nobody else is this good at cutting a biting heel promo,” Cornette claimed. 

Is it good to see Jim putting over MJF like this?

Jim Cornette says that MJF can use his famous phrase anytime.
Jim Cornette says that MJF can use his famous phrase anytime.

Jim Cornette on Warner Brothers’ changing behavior on Mark Briscoe


Jim Cornette on his podcast stated that he thought that fan backlash was the key reason that Warner Brothers/Discovery changed their mind on Mark Briscoe. The Briscoes were not allowed to be on AEW programming due to some homophobic comments made by Jay Briscoe in 2013.

While many, including LGBT wrestlers, have stated that they felt that Jay Briscoe wasn’t the man who said those things in 2013. Nevertheless, it’s believed that WBD would now allow them on. All of last year, they featured in several key matches, and not once on AEW programming.

Jim Cornette gave his initial reaction to the news about Mark Briscoe on AEW

“It’s about g*d d*mn time.” 

Jim Cornette further elaborated,

“I bet you that they saw the level of animosity that they were getting and somebody somewhere reversed a decision because they probably didn’t want to be- didn’t want it to go on any longer. Because they’d [Fans] narrow it down at some point to exactly who this was and what their name was,”

Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal had a match in remembrance of Jay Briscoe on AEW dynamite two days. Jim Cornette said of it,

“For the first time I think in recorded history I am actually overjoyed at the thought of seeing a match on AEW television.” 

It appears that Mark Briscoe will be allowed to be a featured part of AEW going forward. Is Cornette right? Was it about time?


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