MJF Britt Baker

MJF Fire F Bomb Rant At Britt Baker – Full STORY

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AEW’s MJF Sends a Bold Message to Britt Baker: “I Would Beat the Living Fcking Sht Out of Her”

Britt Baker has undoubtedly risen to the top of AEW’s women’s division, earning praise as one of the promotion’s “four pillars,” a title previously bestowed upon MJF, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, Darby Allin, and Sammy Guevara. However, MJF had a stern message for Baker in a recent interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp.

During the interview, MJF didn’t hold back, responding to Baker’s claims of being a pillar and taking a jab at CM Punk for initially mentioning her as one. “She’s definitely upset because she thinks she’s a pillar because PG Punk said so. But the fact of the matter is she’s fcking not, and even if she was, what, is she going to wrestle me for the world title? I’m three times her size, I would beat the living fcking sh*t out of her,” MJF boldly proclaimed.

Despite his strong words, MJF did acknowledge Baker’s accomplishments, stating, “But I do respect the fact that she’s a dentist.”

The tension between Baker and MJF is not new, as both wrestlers have traded barbs on social media in the past. CM Punk previously mentioned Baker as a pillar during a promo against MJF in 2022, which seemingly sparked this latest exchange of words.

As the rivalry between Britt Baker and MJF continues to intensify, fans eagerly anticipate a potential showdown between the two in the ring. Will Baker be able to prove herself as a true pillar of AEW’s women’s division, or will MJF’s size and confidence give him the upper hand? Wrestling fans will be eagerly watching to see how this feud unfolds.


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