Mickie James on why Impact Wrestling is her home

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Former WWE Superstar Mickie James worked a few years in TNA Impact before she landed in WWE. After achieving enormous success in the Stamford-based promotion, James was released by WWE in 2010. She then went back to TNA and won the knockouts championship three times before returning to WWE in 2016. In 2021, she was again released by WWE and she went back to IMPACT to win the knockouts championship two more times.

Speaking in an interview with SEScoops, James highlighted why she considers IMPACT to be her home. She explained that the promotion trusted her when she doubted herself and without them, she wouldn’t be Mickie James.

I feel, I mean IMPACT is my home. I think a lot of people feel IMPACT is their home, or it’s certainly a home for them. You look at the people that have come through that roster over the last 20-plus years, the amount of people who have gone on to have great success, and who have had major success within IMPACT. But they gave me my first chance, they really did. They gave me my first chance. They gave me my first chance, they gave me a chance at a time when I was really questioning myself and my value, my decisions, where I was. I was in such a weird place in 2010, I was just really uncertain. It helped me remember who I was and what I wanted, and realize that there’s a reason for everything and there’s a learning for everything. There wouldn’t have been ‘Hardcore Mickie’ Mickie James and this whole resurgence of my career. When I felt like I was in an either sink or swim kind of place, and now to be able to come back, and what they did for myself and NWA with EmPowerr was special, like the fact that they dedicated a lot of time, television time, the fact that we could have the Knockouts World Championship match on that card, and a match that I felt was something people had never seen before, it was one of those dream matchups. It was cool. It was so, so special,” 

For those who are unaware  Mickie James most recently defeated Jordynne Grace in the main event of IMPACT Hard To Kill 2022 to regain her championship.


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