Mickie James comments on her return to WWE in 2016

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Former WWE Superstar Mickie James had a prominent and successful spell in the Stamford-based promotion. The female star, who had worked for TNA before starting her journey with WWE, won the Women’s Championship 5 times and the Divas Championship once in her first stint.

She did return to WWE in 2016. During her second spell she had worked with the likes of Asuka and Alexa Bliss. She was again released in 2021 by WWE. In an interview with Ella Jay for SEScoops, James explained that she had a great time wrestling against Alexa and Asuka but there were many others she wanted to face.

Then the comeback and then go into this angle against someone who, she’d been the champion a long time, Deonna. In conversations when you talk about women’s wrestling and you’re looking at the landscape of people in those conversations who are deemed to be the best, and she was very much in that. So it was a different test because I felt like I hadn’t really been able to have a lot of those matches. I really hadn’t wrestle wrestled like that for a while. I had wrestled, but I felt like it wasn’t Mickie James. It wasn’t a representation of who Mickie James truly is. I always try to do my best and do whatever, and I loved what I did. I loved being with Alexa, I loved working with Asuka, or whatever, but there were so many other things that I really wanted to do and people I wanted to wrestle. I just never had a chance to do a lot of that stuff. Even I was going like, ‘Man, these girls are freaking going. I don’t know if I can keep up,'” she said.

Do you think Mickie James is one of the greatest women wrestlers in WWE?


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