Mickie James Coming Back To WWE?

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Mickie James, the then-IMPACT Knockouts World Champion, joined the Women’s Royal Rumble 2022 match despite not being a member of the WWE roster.

Mickie is expected to compete in the Women’s Royal Rumble 2023 match, according to Xero News.

mickie james wwe

But this time, she might compete as a WWE Superstar if she decides to join the organization.

In a “Career vs. Title” battle on January 13th, 2023, at the IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill pay-per-view, Mickie will take on Jordynne Grace for the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship.

It’s possible that Mickie loses this match and quits IMPACT Wrestling after having teased her retirement from IMPACT a few months ago.

Interesting to note that Mickie’s husband is also a free agent after leaving NWA.


Nick Aldis speaks on why he's leaving the NWA.
Nick Aldis speaks on why he’s leaving the NWA.

Mickie James Husband Leaves NWA

Nick Aldis was interviewed last month and explained why he was leaving NWA. This is what he said,

“Look, I can’t get around it. I’m not saying all of it, but there was enough of it that, for me, didn’t pass the Harley Race test. I know that people will hear that and be like, ‘Harley Race? What the hell?’ What you have to understand, Harley Race wanted nothing to do with the NWA because of what it had been prior. It had some pretty dark days. Then he agreed, not only to be back associated with it. [He] asked me to come to Missouri to defend the title, agreed to appear on-camera, talking to me about being NWA Champion, and that ended up being the last interview he ever gave on-camera before he passed away. That means a lot to me,” 

“It was because of how we had presented pro wrestling consistently for three years at that point or whatever it was. We had consistently presented pro wrestling in a serious and dignified way. I know people will hear dignified and pro wrestling in the same sentence and say it’s an oxymoron, you know what I’m saying. I just found myself, again, this isn’t me trying to do scorched earth. I’m just saying this is what factored into my decision to give my notice. I started looking at stuff like Gaagz the Gymp, a social distancing match where the two wrestlers can’t touch each other. [fake laugh]

Would you like to see Mickie James in WWE?


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