Mick Foley and others hated working with Jonah Hill, Foley details all.

Mick Foley hated working with Jonah Hill

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Mick Foley revealed on his podcast that he hated Jonah Hill. The actor was slated to be a guest RAW GM in 2011 but was so disliked they never even aired his segments.

This is what Mick Foley said, “He’s not a wrestling fan. There was a reason why Jonah Hill was advertised as the guest GM and it never aired. The guys hated working with him. There were some like Hugh Jackman … The Muppets, they loved it. Almost everyone was a good experience. Jonah Hill was one that didn’t even make the air because he apparently just didn’t want to be there and it showed. I think somebody saw him mouthing to his agent, ‘Get me out of here.’”

Road Dogg Jesse James confirmed a situation similar to Mick Foley. “I’ll give you an example of a real crappy interaction with a celebrity: Jonah Hill. Jonah Hill, yes, came to promote something at Madison Square Garden and they ended up getting hot at him. I think it was ‘Monday Night Raw’ and Jonah Hill was supposed to be there to promote something. I don’t know if there was creative differences, I just know a lot of people talked bad about him after [his appearance on the show] didn’t happen.” 

If he wasn’t a fan, and hated it, why did it even almost happen?

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