Mick Foley wouldn't rule out a return... under certain conditions.

Mick Foley has conditions for a WWE return

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Mick Foley spoke on Foley is POD, about the conditions he would require if he was to make a return to WWE. First, he clarified that he struggles with memory and therefore can’t remember a written promo. More than that though, the King of Cheap Pops, doesn’t want to come in for a cheap pop. He wants to work with someone, as he put it, “Make a difference.”

This is what Mick Foley said, “I can’t remember a written promo. And that’s one of the reasons why if I do get a call for [WWE] TV, I’m more likely to say no.” Foley added: “If you’re going to bring me back, I want to help out a storyline. I don’t want to just get the pop, I don’t wanna just promote something I have coming up, I want to make a difference.”

Mick Foley has given so much to the business, it would be a shame if they couldn’t come up with something meaningful for him. There are few in all wrestling that has sacrificed more of their body than Mick Foley did for WWE. He still lives with the consequences of that every day, with memory problems and joint problems. Likely suffering from long-term CTE as a result.

Would you like to see Mick Foley return, not for one more match, but for an angle where he could get someone over or make a difference in WWE?

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