Pat McAfee and Michael Cole have been commenting together since 2021

Michael Cole thankful to and full of praise for Pat McAfee

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Despite everything he has been through, Michael Cole has been a loyal servant to WWE, and somehow, he has been with the company for over 25 years. Now a respected and much-loved veteran who fans are finally appreciating after having his shackles removed under Triple H, Cole seems to have importantly fallen back in love with his job and the pro wrestling business.

As someone who’s been behind the commentary booth for so long, it is not surprising that Cole has shared announcing duties with myriad personalities over the years. His newest partner has been Pat McAfee, who the 54-year-old had kind words for, revealed recently that the former NFL star got his interest back in pro wrestling.

Cole was interviewed by The, where he discussed all that McAfee had done in WWE and their relationship. He also noted how the NFL Punter brought an energetic vibe and brought back his interest in pro wrestling.

Michael Cole said –





“Pat helped reinvigorate my love for our business. I have been sitting in that chair at ringside for 25 years calling live sports entertainment every single week. I have missed two television shows over that period. As one can imagine, that amount of repetition can become tedious after time. Pat changed all that, and each week became a new adventure and a new chapter in my career. Pat also gave me the confidence to open up and have fun out there. One of my career highlights was calling Pat’s match at WrestleMania. He deserves all his success.”

McAfee joined the promotion in 2018, later becoming part of its commentary team. He also wrestled a few matches on NXT and the main roster. it was last year that he and Cole teamed up for announcement duties, and they have shared a strong bond ever since.


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