Mia Yim returns to WWE after being away for almost an entire year.

Mia Yim says passion for business was reignited after WWE release

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Mia Yim recently made a return to WWE, becoming another former WWE talent released under the previous regime that Triple H swiftly brought back. A solid run in NXT and some serious potential meant she was always going to be one of the names mooted to return, which was what came to pass.

After her WWE release on November 4 last year, Mia Yim took a break before heading back to the indie scene to regain her confidence as a professional wrestler. A brief stint in Impact Wrestling preceded her return to WWE earlier this month.

Speaking to CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri on SHAK Wrestling, Mia Yim opened up about finding her passion for the business again after her WWE release.

“When that happened, it was very discouraging and disheartening. But it helped that me and my husband, we supported each other, and we had other things to focus on, like the wedding, and we just bought a house, so we were planning on moving right after the wedding. We were very occupied with real-life stuff.

It kind of helped me through, and along with just focusing on that aspect, like wrestling kind of took a backseat. It made me realize wrestling isn’t everything. Life still goes on, and to focus on the people you love.

I had to really evaluate if I wanted to continue to wrestle because I wasn’t sure if I did. So thankfully I was able to reignite my love for wrestling with the friends of Gail [Kim], Scott [D’Amore], Gisele, being surrounded by great people and being able to go out and kill it, and have that support.

At that moment, it was very much like, not only was I not sure if I wanted to do it, but I felt like maybe my time was up, like I’m not as good as I was five, ten years ago.

So maybe it’s just time to hang it up, So I just needed to find myself in wrestling and see if I could still go with all these new talent, but also the talent that are killing it now, like can I keep up with them? I was able to, and coming back, it was like, ‘Let’s go.’ I have such high respect for Triple H and what he’s done for NXT that I was like I’m ready to go.

When I was told, ‘Hey, the boys want you, think they think you could help them out,’ and the fact that I knew them months prior, and AJ years prior, it’s like hell yeah, let’s go. So it was nice to come back to everybody just welcoming.”

Yim will be seen at Survivor Series as part of Biance Belair’s team as they take on Bayley’s side in the first ever main roster women’s WarGames match. A good showing there could propel her up the card and perhaps a title opportunity.


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