Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks) has finally arrived in NJPW Matt Hardy Speaks

Mercedes Mone’s Wrestle Kingdom 17 botch wasn’t her fault

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Mercedes Mone (somewhat) shocked the pro wrestling world when she returned to pro wrestling via a debut at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 17. Social media is still ablaze with talk of her comeback, although not all the chatter is about her attack on KAIRI.

Mercedes attacked the IWGP women’s champion by hitting her with the Gory Special. However, when spinning her into the DDT, the former WWE superstar seemingly failed to grab her head, leading to the move looking botched.

Fans were quick to call her out for the mistake on social media. However, Bryan Alvarez discussed the botch on the latest episode of his Wrestling Observer Live, saying it was KAIRI who made it harder for Mercedes to execute the move.

“What happened was she was gonna do the Gory Special and as she spun her around, KAIRI was supposed to land on her feet to take the DDT. And for whatever reason, and I actually have some conspiracy theories and heard mind you. For whatever reason, KAIRI spun around to her knees, so there was no head to grab for a DDT and so Mercedes had to fall on her back and do the move. But it was not her fault, ok. So, I want to make that clear cause I’m a fair man.”

The segment led to Mone challenging KAIRI to a title match at NJPW Battle In The Valley next month. It is genuinely hard to see who will walk out as the victor, making the bout all the more interesting.


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