Matt Riddle may have failed a drug test, according to

Matt Riddle shares photo with family as WWE absence continues

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Matt Riddle has had quite a rough last few months, and he has been pretty open about sharing his personal struggles and that it was a bad 2022 for him. However, as we get into 2023, things on that front seem to be on the up.

Having admitted last October Riddle was on Corey Graves’ “After The Bell” podcast that his personal life was in shambles while his professional life was great, Riddle was written off WWE TV on December 5’s Raw after The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa attacked him viciously.

Around this time, an adult film star disclosed that he went to rehab and that the former United States Champion had cheated on her with another woman from her industry. This led to Riddle issuing a statement about going to rehab and addressing the abuse allegations.

As noted, 2023 seems to have gotten off on a better note, as he is set to appear on the February 13 edition of Raw. However, it’s unclear when Riddle will return to television.

In some good news for his fans, the former NXT star took to Twitter to upload a photo of himself and his family eating at a restaurant:

With things looking on the up, we can only hope Riddle can pick up the pieces of his personal life and come back stronger than ever.


Matt Riddle Update Fans


With the recent news about him not signaling anything positive about him, WWE star Matt Riddle has finally posted an update on social media for his fans. For those unaware, the former United States Champion has been away from TV amidst reports that he is undergoing rehab after a second failed drug test. There was also news that he cheated on his adult film star girlfriend with another woman from her industry.

Getting back to his recent post, Riddle did not say whether he was actually in rehab, but he did thank everyone for their support:

After being attacked by Solo Sikoa on a Raw episode earlier this month, WWE announced on December 9 that Matt Riddle would be out of action for six weeks. A report then stated that he was in fact written off WWE programming to attend rehab.

The former MMA fighter was also accused by adult film star Jordan Maxx, who recently went public with allegations that she had been dating him for six months when he cheated on her with Misha Montana, another member of the adult film industry.

Incredibly, social media influencer and OnlyFans <span style=”color: #33cccc;”><a style=”color: #33cccc;” href=””>content creator</a></span> Daniella Petrow also came out with charges against Riddle, stating that he sexually assaulted her. She even tagged WWE, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon, asking them to fire Riddle.

Is Matt Riddle a good influence for WWE?


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