Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks could be returning to AEW soon!

Matt Jackson Released This Video To Update Fans On His Injury (VIDEO)

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As we are now aware half of The Young Bucks – Matt Jackson suffered a partially torn bicep during the recent three-way AEW Trios Championship match on a recent episode of Dynamite.

A report from notarised Dirtsheet Dave Meltzer just days later sent via the Wrestling Observer Radio,

stated that

Jackson is currently undergoing therapy for the injury, and the estimated recovery time is between six and eight weeks. It is hoped that he will be able to compete at the Double or Nothing event on May 28th, although this is not guaranteed. If he is not ready by that time, it is expected that he will return to action soon after.



Today we got more of an update from the man himself when the latest episode of (BTE) Being the Elite dropped onto his social media platform where he clarified to fans that the timetable is indeed long but he does have some ambition to return for Double or Nothing in May.


“You may have heard I suffered a torn bicep. It’s a partially torn bicep. After consulting with multiple doctors and wrestlers, other people in the industry who have suffered the exact same injury, I have decided not to do the surgery. Instead, as I said, we are on our way to LA to start other forms of therapy. These other forms of therapy shall turn what would have been months out on the shelf to only just weeks.

That is the hope. I feel pretty good. I don’t know if I’m just a freak. Dana says I am. But I feel pretty good, and my arm feels pretty good. So the hope is, let’s get in there, let’s do these other therapies, let’s do the PRP, and let’s get me back in the ring asap. That is the hope.”




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