Matt Hardy believes that Shelton Benjamin would have been a main eventer, if he debuted during this era.

Matt Hardy states Shelton could have been a main eventer if…

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Matt Hardy feels that Shelton could have been a main eventer if he had just come along today. Benjamin officially debuted in 2002 as part of what would become the “World’s Greatest Tag Team.” As they were so named. Matt argues that if he were to debut today instead of 2002… assuming he was as young as he was in 2002, that Shelton would have been a main eventer.

“I think if you had Shelton Benjamin, a young Shelton Benjamin, come along today, it would change a lot,” Hardy said. “I think because back then it was, they were looking for larger-than-life personalities, people that really bonded with the crowd. And I feel like they didn’t see that as much in Shelton as they would have liked to. They knew from an athletic perspective, he was just unbelievable.

He was unreal. I feel like in this day and age, if you have someone who’s an amazing athlete and produces these great quality matches, day in and day out, and does every single time they hit the ring? Then they get over in a different way because the fan base is kind of changed for their respect for the in-ring content as well. So I think if Shelton came along today, I think it would be changed, and he would definitely be programmed a lot higher than he was back then.”

What do you think? Is Matt Hardy right?

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