Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy Ready To Bring In “Heavy Hitters” & “Secret Weapon”

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During an appearance on Isiah Kassidy’s YouTube channel, AEW star Matt Hardy opened up about his decision to turn on Ethan Page and The Firm. Hardy revealed that he is seeking revenge against the group that had previously trapped and manipulated him into being a member. He also mentioned that FTW Champion HOOK, whom he assisted in his match against Page last week, will be by his side along with some “heavy hitters.”

Hardy’s betrayal occurred during the April 5 episode of AEW Dynamite, where Ethan Page lost his FTW Championship match against HOOK after Hardy hit Page in the face with the title belt. This act came as a result of Page’s mistreatment towards Hardy and Kassidy after purchasing their contracts in 2022.

During the interview on Kassidy’s channel, Hardy expressed his determination to take revenge against The Firm for their manipulative behavior towards him. He also hinted at the possibility of recruiting additional allies to his cause. Overall, Hardy’s comments shed light on his motivations for turning against The Firm and the path he is choosing to take in seeking justice.

Hardy Stated –

There’s definitely gonna be blowback…but it’s all good. I got a plan in place. I got a secret weapon. I got a secret weapon that’s going to be inserted into this, and also HOOK is our boy. HOOK’s on our side. He said whatever we need him for, he’s in. Plus, we got friends. Our Rolodex is deep. We got friends, and I’m gonna be ready to call in some heavy hitters. It’s gonna be a fun time.

It’s time to party hardy with the Hardy Party and delete The Firm. My prediction is when this is all said and done, you and I, The Firm thought they were bringing us in and making our life hell and they’re just gonna make money off us. But what they did is allow us to come in and, from the inside, we internally destroyed that bitch. When it’s all said and done, there’s not gonna be a Firm. We gonna shut that shit down.

Is this a hint that Matt Hardy is ready to bring in more names to back him up in this brawl?  Could it be Jeff?


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