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Matt Hardy picks his WWE Wrestler of the Year 2022

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Current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion of the world Roman Reigns has been enjoying a phenomenal time in WWE as the company’s face. He has not been pinned for over three years and has destroyed the likes of Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, and many more during his reign as world champion.

Speaking on his own podcast “Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy”, Matt Hardy picked Roman Reigns as the WWE wrestler of the year 2022 despite the latter competing n only 10 televised matches in the whole year.


“I know he hasn’t wrestled a lot, but his work has been superior, has been above and beyond, and him heading The Bloodline, turning it into a main event act, they really are the franchise of the WWE. Roman Reigns is the franchise player. He’s just the nucleus of WWE right now and he’s just done a tremendous job.”

He also compared the Tribal Chief’s impact to that of Hulk Hogan who dominated WWE back in time.

“To me, it almost feels reminiscent of back in the day when I was growing up and a big fan when I first got hooked on wrestling, and Hulk Hogan, his wrestling appearances were so limited on TV anyway,”

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