Vince McMahon apparently liked Jeff Hardy a lot

Matt Hardy Reports Vince Saw The Rockstar Complex In Jeff

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Well, well, well, this is news. According to Matt Hardy, Vince McMahon liked his younger brother Jeff Hardy a lot. The former broken one said this during his appearance on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast.

Matt Hardy could come back to AEW soon
There is no return in sight for Jeff Hardy

Hardy discussed the unpredictability of the former WWE Champion, which can’t be understood easily, and added that Jeff he does things that make him cool.

“You don’t understand why he’s doing what he’s doing. It’s just f***ing cool that he’s doing it. He has a very interesting dynamic, and I think Vince saw a lot of his personality shining through and saw how he had that rockstar complex.”

Hardy is currently employed by AEW, has not done anything of note recently, although his recent storyline with The Firm has fans intrigued that something good will come up for the former ECW Champion.

He did recently tease another reunion with his brother. Meanwhile, Jeff has been undergoing recovery, but there is no word on how it’s going or when he might return to the ring.

Matt Hardy Spoke About Shelton Benjamins WWE Run

Matt Hardy believes Shelton Benjamin would be in a different position in the world of professional wrestling if he debuted today as opposed to twenty years ago.

On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, while discussing the short-lived rivalry between The Hardy Boyz and The World’s Greatest Tag Team in WWE, Hardy was asked why Shelton Benjamin never got the opportunity to have a main event run in WWE.

Hardy contributed it to the time he started in the industry and believes had he debuted today, things would be different.

Matt Hardy believes that Shelton Benjamin would have been a main eventer, if he debuted during this era.
Matt Hardy believes that Shelton Benjamin would have been a main eventer, if he debuted during this era.

“I don’t know. I think if you had Shelton Benjamin, a young Shelton Benjamin, come along today, it would change a lot,” Matt Hardy said. “I think because back then it was still they were looking for larger-than-life personalities, people that really like bonded with the crowd, and I feel like they didn’t see that as much in Shelton as they would have liked to.

“They knew from an athletic perspective; he was just unbelievable. He was unreal, but I feel like in this day and age, if you have someone who’s an amazing athlete and produces these great quality matches day in and day out and does it every single time he hit the ring, then they get over in a different way because the fan base has kind of changed for their respective in-ring content as well.

So I think if Shelton came along today, I think it would be changed. I think he would definitely be programmed a lot higher than it was back then.”


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