Matt Cardona has advice for young wrestling talent.

Matt Cardona to young talent, “Slow the F*ck Down.”

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Matt Cardona, once known as Zack Ryder, gave some advice to young talent in the wrestling industry. In WWE as Zack Ryder, he first made a name for himself by getting popular through his Youtube show. Eventually he became internet champion, and worked with John Cena. However, that Cena angle turned bad, as he lost his on screen girlfriend, his car, his friends, and even his ability to walk (in storyline). It might be allegedly the most infamous burial of all time. However, he’s found much success in the indy scene, as one of the greatest belt collectors.

This is what Matt Cardona had to say to Young Talent, “Slow the f*ck down. Seriously. You gotta imagine, this is what I tell guys too. Let’s say you do a move and you’re both selling and it seems like you’re selling for eternity but in TV land, the commentators are telling the story, the cameras are going from one facial expression to the other guy. So relax a little bit. Doesn’t have to be like move, move, move, move, move, move move. There’s a time and a place to go balls to the walls, but you also gotta let the people digest what they just saw.”

Matt Cardona has much experience and success to go off of. One would hope that tomorrow’s wrestling talent will listen to him. Is Matt right? Is it time for wrestlers to slow the F down?

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