Top Dolla failed dive

Mark Henry has words of support for Top Dolla

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Last week on Friday Night SmackDown, Top Dolla hit a failed dive over the top rope that luckily did not end up injuring him or anyone else. As is the norm nowadays, he was ridiculed on social media for this failed attempt, but he defended himself and claimed that his leg gave out on the jump.

Amongst all the drama, another big man, former WWE world champion Mark Henry, came out in support of Top Dolla, sending out this tweet to the Hit Row man:

The tweet was in response to a video posted by Top Dolla after some folks called him out for lying after claiming he had successfully hit the move previously.

Henry was never one to get off his feet during matches, but he, more than most, will know how difficult it is to fail before rising up to succeed, having seen his first decade in WWE almost exclusively consist of failed or bizarre gimmicks. His support will be a big encouragement for Top Dolla, though the current AEW broadcaster will not be the only one to side with the recently-returned performer.


Hit Row became the top contenders to the WWE unified tag team titles on Friday Night SmackDown this week, defeating The Viking Raiders and Legado del Fantasma in a triple threat match. During the course of said match, Top Dolla attempted to do a dive to the outside, which would have given us a major spot and helped the match get over big.

There was just one problem.

He didn’t make it.

A reminder:



In the immediate aftermath, he quickly tweeted that his leg gave out and that was the problem. The way the rest of the match played out seemed to support that, as he was favoring one leg all the way until the end.

Today, he’s been the butt of a lot of jokes surrounding the botched move. He couldn’t help but defend himself over it in the form of posting a video showing he absolutely can do what he was going for:


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