Maria Kanellis Only Has One Goal In AEW

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Maria Kanellis has revealed that she and Tony Khan have spoken in the past about the ROH women’s division, Maria says that it’s been a while since they’ve had those talks but for now she only has one goal in AEW and thats getting tag team gold on her team.

Maria Kanellis got her start in wrestling as part of the 2004 RAW Diva Search, along with Christi Hemme, Michelle McCool, and Candice Michelle.
Maria Kanellis signed for AEW last month

During a recent appearance on the “Just Alyx” podcast, the former WWE Diva talked about the ROH women’s division and the growth of the AEW women’s division.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the ROH women’s division: “So we’ve talked in the past about the ROH women’s division and, because there’s no real path moving forward in terms of knowing if there is gonna be a TV or not, we don’t really talk about that anymore. As far as what we’ve been doing on AEW, it’s very much tag team wrestling focused. My goal right now is getting tag team gold on The Kingdom. That’s my main focus. So I don’t really think about anything else because it’s really important to be successful as a tag team.”


Maria recalls her WWE bin bag incident

Maria Kanellis detailed in an interview about who sent her stuff to her in a garbage bag. It was Johnny Laurinaitis. This comes as probably a shock to no one. Johnny Laurinaitis is the former head of talent relations who left WWE earlier this year as part of the sex/hush money scandal.

Maria Kanellis had this to say, 

“I received my first garbage bag … underneath John Laurinaitis. This situation has been going on for a bit and they really should hire outside HR departments to come in and do some audits on what’s going on within the company. Hire therapists if people need mental help. I just think they need to take a look within and start dealing with some of these real-life adult problems.”


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