Maria Kanellis suggests that AEW could run an all woman show Maria Kanellis surgery

Maria Kanellis believes AEW could do an All Woman Show

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Should AEW do an All Woman Show? Maria Kanellis thinks it could, and should. She believes that AEW has the necessary talent to pull it off.

This is what Maria Kanellis said to “They are more than capable of doing so. I also think, you have to look at it from the perspective of bandwidth. How much can you put out there right now on the AEW side when you’re trying to take care of all of AEW’s brand, plus Ring of Honor?

Maria Kanellis continues, “A smart person isn’t going to necessarily add more things unless they already know what every company and brand situation is going to be a month or six months from now. I know we don’t like to look at things from a business perspective as wrestling fans, but there is that side. Is that the best use of time right now? Or now that we’re getting several women’s matches on pay-per-view that are highly rated, is it better to build that until you get to a place where you know what your profit is going to be?”

AEW has many shows already. The question is could AEW support another show? There might be no question that AEW has a roster with enough talent to support a 1-hour show. They have three champions and enough people under contract for that.

When would such a show run? Would it have a network? Would it be online only like Dark? What do you think of the proposal by Maria Kanellis?

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