Jim Cornette says Mandy Rose should go over to AEW

Mandy Rose should go to AEW, states Cornette

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Jim Cornette spoke on his podcast, stating that Mandy Rose should go to AEW. This is what he had to say.

“Sunny was the hottest woman in the company at one time when they had five times as many viewers. Mandy Rose was one of the women in the company at the time when they got five times fewer viewers. So for a shorter period of time, she’s been you know, involved. So short term yes, but over the long period of time, people will move on to the next thing if she’s not careful. But AEW would be perfect.”



“Now that we’ve had a couple of days, think about it, you asked me before I said, well, you know, she can get in the ring without tripping over the ropes, so she would fit on the AW roster, you know, in the upper percentile. But in actuality, she’s been in their developmental program for the past year and a half, and highly trained, she’s competent. She’s prettier than most of the AEW girls.”

Toxic Attraction [Featuring Mandy Rose] didn’t exactly trip my trigger. But, you know, if you’re into girl wrestling, you know, she would automatically be, I would think, one of the more not only attractive but well-trained, more experienced, and more competent members of the AEW women’s roster. And she’d only have to work once a week and my God again, they’ve had convicted felons, drug addicts bank robbers, who gives a f*ck about a little softcore porn?”

Jim Cornette might be right, time will pass and someone else will catch people’s eye. Being on AEW, would contribute to her fan site’s success.

Is Mandy Rose made for AEW?

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