Mandy Rose AEW

Mandy Rose Says She Would Love To Work In AEW

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Mandy Rose in AEW?  –  In NXT, where she held the Women’s Championship for an incredible 413 days, Mandy Rose became well-known. Fans were disappointed because, despite losing the title to Roxanne Perez, her career in the WWE was quickly ended because of questionable reasons. Mandy Rose’s future in professional wrestling is uncertain, although it appears like she would adore working alongside Saraya in AEW.

Due to explicit material, Mandy Rose uploaded behind her premium content paywall, she was fired from her WWE contract. Mandy Rose reportedly wasn’t even given the chance to delete her VIP content before to her WWE debut.

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Fans and pro wrestlers alike were extremely shocked to see Mandy Rose fired under such circumstances. In fact, it caught Mandy Rose by surprise, as she was utterly blindsided.

While speaking on The Sessions podcast with Renee Paquette, Mandy Rose was asked about her pro wrestling future, especially when it comes to AEW. Rose made it clear that she should love to reunite with Saraya.
She stated –

“Oh, that would be nice (to reunite with Saraya in AEW)… Oh yeah, oh my God (I could reunite with Dustin Rhodes too). I have a few little old schools that we could reunite.

I haven’t ruled it out for sure (coming back to wrestling). It’s not like the boots are hung up and stuff. It’s not like that but right now, it’s not my main focus but just right now, it’s not my main focus but definitely for the future, maybe. We’ll see.”

Mandy Rose also believes that she did nothing wrong by posting her premium content. Her fans will still flock to her paywall, and Rose clearly has zero regrets. We’ll have to wait and see whether Rose will end up in AEW in the future.

Would you like to see Mandy Rose in AEW?


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