Mandy Rose addressed her release during an appearance on the "Tamron Hall" talk show

Mandy Rose reveals most embarrassing moment of WWE run

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Mandy Rose may have been released from WWE a few months back, but she has done well for herself thanks to her FanTime page. However, she seemingly can’t erase one moment from her time with the promotion from her memory, and understandably so.

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During night one of WrestleMania 37, proceedings were delayed due to extreme weather. As a result, Rose slipped on a wet patch on the entrance ramp during her entrance.

Mandy Rose fell on a wet patch on the entrance ramp at WrestleMania 37
Mandy Rose fell on a wet patch on the entrance ramp at WrestleMania 37

On Instagram, when a fan asked the former NXT Women’s Champion what her most embarrassing WWE moment was, she said it was obviously this fall. Having such an embarrassing moment happens to anyone in front of millions live and even more on TV must have been hard to handle, but Mandy has done just fine since.

For that unaware, Rose was let go in December 2022 after WWE learned of the NSFW content on her website. However, it was soon reported that the former Toxic Attraction leader made $1 million in December 2022, with Rose then clarifying that it took just two-and-a-half weeks to reach that amount.


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