Mandy Rose speaks about leaving WWE and addresses racy photos.

Mandy Rose on WWE departure

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Mandy Rose spoke with NYpost, about her departure from WWE. Last month, she was fired after FanTime account featured several explicit images of her. It was sudden, as the night before she lost the title to Roxanne Perez. It caught everyone by surprise, but then she went on to make over a million dollars on her FanTime.

This is what Mandy Rose said. “I am grateful and very humbled with everything I’ve done and made at the company [WWE], but in today’s day and age, there are so many other avenues and so many other marketing opportunities, it’s like why can’t I do both? At the end of the day I’m the only one watching out for myself and my career. Everyone’s replaceable in our business – it’s true.”

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Mandy Rose talks about racy photos. “What’s the definition of racy? The photo of me with two titles – I was completely naked underneath, that’s considered a racy photo, right?”

Mandy Rose has not made any effort to join any other wrestling company as of yet. However she may likely be under a 90-day no compete cause therefore making it unlikely that she will anytime soon. But would she even need to? 

Could be worth speculating that Mandy Rose might actually return to WWE one day. The company has worked out seemingly impossible differences before with other wrestlers.

What do you think? Was WWE wrong in how it treated Mandy Rose?

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