Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose Drops Hot Photos To Distract SNF Fans (PHOTO)

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Mandy Rose had a pivotal stint in NXT as the Women’s Champion of the company, holding the title for 413 days before losing it to Roxanne Perez. Rose was later sacked by WWE under questionable circumstances, which infuriated a lot of fans. Having all that, Rose is content with her WWE release. This is due to the fact that she may still post thirst traps, and her followers can’t get enough of them.

Because of the material she placed behind her premium content paywall, Mandy Rose was let go from her WWE contract. Mandy Rose reportedly wasn’t even given the chance to delete her VIP content before to her WWE debut.

Nevertheless, Mandy was able to earn $1 million through FanTime in 2017. In fact, WWE even warned Mandy Rose about the repercussions of using her Premium Service Content.

Regardless, the former NXT Women’s Champion never fails to light up social media with her photos. As such, she took to social media and uploaded a gorgeous photo of herself wearing a silver swimsuit.

Telling fans

“just a little distraction from Sunday Night Football”

Mandy Rose



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