"Making him look like an idiot" - Wrestling veteran points out a major issue in Big E's win over Austin Theory from RAW (Exclusive)

“Making him look like an idiot” – Wrestling veteran points out a major issue in Big E’s win over Austin Theory from RAW (Exclusive)

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Vince Russo has some interesting observations regarding the recent Big E vs. Austin Theory match on the latest edition of WWE RAW.

On Monday night’s show, Austin Theory got a shot at the WWE Title as a reward for returning Vince McMahon’s Golden Egg. However, the Champion Big E easily defeated the up-and-coming star in the main event.

During the latest edition of SportsKeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW, Russo started his review by wondering why the Champion came out first, wondering if Hulk Hogan would have done that.

He then compared Big E’s situation to Drew McIntyre’s, theorizing WWE treats him the same way as the Scottish Warrior.

“Bro, would Hulk Hogan ever have come out first? Ever, ever? What is that? And then on top of that look how much Big E gives a mismatch. Oh my god! Are you like serious? Bro, they are Drew McIntying Big E, I said that 3 weeks ago, it’s they are booking him the same exact way they book Drew bro,” Vince Russo said.

Russo then mentioned that there’s nothing that stands out for Big E as of right now. He wondered if the company wants to build the likes of Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins instead of the WWE Champion.

“Bro, think about that too, usually it’s because they have their sights on someone else. Who do you have your sights on Kevin Owens? Seth Rollins? Like who else on this show would you build up more as a champion than Big E? Lashley already had the spot, who else? There’s nobody else bro. It’s not like Savage is waiting in the wings. There’s no one else bro,” Russo said.

You can check out the full episode of Legion of RAW below –

Vince Russo questioned why Big E couldn’t win decisively

During the same review, Vince Russo wondered why Big E couldn’t win the match decisively. Instead of needing interference to win, the Champion could have caught Theory with something devastating out of nowhere.

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Instead, Russo mentioned how WWE portrayed Theory as an “idiot” who got out because he was distracted by two people outside the ring.

“He lost the match because, no bro it makes him look like an idiot, how are you protecting him by making him look like an idiot. If he’s an idiot he will never become the WWE Champion, so how are you protecting them by looking like an idiot? Why couldn’t Big E just catch him with something devastating out of nowhere, one, two, three? But you gave him an out because he was distracted but yet he was distracted because he’s an idiot okay,” Russo said.

The segment with Austin Theory and the Golden Egg has not been well received by the audience. Do you think it’ll affect the up-and-coming star’s future in the Red Brand? Do you agree with Russo? Let us know in the comments below.

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