Becky Lynch And Lita share a real life bond

Lita will Booked For Elimination Chamber

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A surprise return on WWE programming came on Monday’s Raw when Lita popped up during the cage match between Bayley and Becky Lynch to help the latter claim a win. As per sources, it was reportedly done to set up a match later this month.

The WWE Hall of Famer is apparently set to compete at February 18’s Elimination Chamber premium live event in Montreal, according to Fightful Select (h/t Manik Aftab of Ringside News). This will most likely be a tag team bout involving Lynch and Lita teaming up to take on Damage CTRL, with reports (Fightful Select with h/t to Liam Winnard of adding that it could be a three-on-three contest also involving Canada’s own Trish Stratus.

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During the end of the steel cage bout between Lynch and Bayley on Raw, Lita returned to WWE TV to prevent Damage CTRL members Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai from helping Bayley. This led to Becky coming out victorious and celebrating with Lita to set the stage for a potential match at Elimination Chamber.

The two legends returning ahead of WrestleMania 39 could signal plans for both Lynch and Bayley to be on the card, for there was less clarity on what the two stars would be doing come the mega event.


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