Lita makes surprise return on WWE Raw, helps Becky Lynch overcome Damage CTRL

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Lita is back on Raw?  Becky Lynch and Bayley finally had their steel cage match on last night Raw’s, and it wasn’t without incident. The Man was able to walk out victorious and perhaps put Damage CTRL behind her as she looks ahead to WrestleMania 39, but she owes her victory to a certain WWE Hall of Famer.

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Lita made a surprise cameo, returning to the red brand for the first time in almost a year to attack the interfering heel group member during the main event segment. She took out Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, who were attempting to interfere in the bout, before slamming the cage door on Bayley and allowing Lynch to hit her with the Manhandle Slam and score the win.

Lita did have an enjoyable nostalgia run in WWE last January and February, first participating in the women’s Royal Rumble in January before kicking off a program with Lynch over the Raw Women’s Championship. The former women’s champion even challenged the Irishwoman to a title match at Elimination Chamber in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, but was beaten there.

IK remains to be seen if this was a one-off appearance or if Lita will be part of WWE TV more often heading into WrestleMania.


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