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Lana About To Make 1 Million Dollars From Adult Content ( Photos HERE)

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After being ousted from WWE in 2021, Lana (CJ Perry) launched her own adult-content website to upload her own material and earn money from it by charging her fans a monthly fee.

Fightful Select reports that Lana is profiting greatly from it. According to reports, she made more money from it than she did during her finest WWE year.

The same applies to Mandy Rose. Additionally, she is earning more from her private sexual content than she did from her time in WWE. At the time of her WWE departure, Mandy was reportedly earning over $250,000 per month from her VIP content.



She is now free to post more explicit footage and has raised her subscription price, which most likely means she will now earn even more money since she has been let go by WWE.

In fact, Mandy’s representative told TMZ that she has already made $500,000 since being let go by WWE and will amass a million dollars through self-employment by Christmas.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing does not come without risks as we learned yesterday when a photo leak dropped of her more adult photos


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