LA Knight really ties the Bray Wyatt story together

LA Knight makes the Bray Wyatt Story work

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LA Knight, who recently had been the character, Max Dupri, has really tied the Bray Wyatt story together. Before that, it was just a case of Bray Wyatt just talked to the audience every night. But with LA Knight, it gives him a target.

With someone to bounce off, we can really see the inside of Bray Wyatt’s character. He is not… a nice man, in storyline of course. His character is not the Fiend, or the original version, but he is still unhinged. You don’t know what’s going on with him, and that makes him scary.

Even though LA Knight is the heel in the story, it’s almost like we are him. We’re trying to understand what Bray Wyatt is all about, and who is uncle howdy. Not that we’d be likely to attack Bray Wyatt anytime soon.

When this match happened between Bray Wyatt or Uncle Howdy against LA Knight, one should expect the sparks to fly. The story is a vehicle for character development for Bray Wyatt, but this has to be great for Knight too. He’s got a very real chance to establish himself as a character, against one of the most unique individuals in WWE history.

What do you think? Does LA Knight actually make the story work? Are you looking forward to the day when Bray Wyatt explodes?

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