Kylie Rae

Kylie Rae details her WWE experience

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Kylie Rae made her WWE television debut on the December 15 episode of WWE Main Event where she was seen taking on Dana Brooke. Rae, who fought under the name Briana Ray, also had a tryout with the company at the WWE Performance Center.

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Speaking on the Going Broadway podcast, Kylie detailed her experience of being able to perform in WWE. During the interview, she revealed one person who helped her a lot throughout the entire process.

“They were coming to Chicago, and from my understanding, Freelance is my home, and from what I understand, they were asking people from our school to reach out to WWE. I don’t know if people know this. It’s Gabe Sapolsky. He’s one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I can’t express enough how much he’s helped me throughout this entire process. That’s who we were reaching out to for extra work and what not,” she said.

She then detailed how she got selected for extra work.

“I was not contracted with NWA anymore, so I was able to throw my name in the hat for extra work. ‘If y’all need any women, I’m more than happy to be considered for this opportunity, please let me know. If not, I completely understand.’ Let’s be honest, for the ones who know, I come with baggage, a couple extra checked bags.”


 Kylie Rae revealed that WWE did not really accept her and didn’t sign her to a contract and she is doubtful about it happening right now.

Never say never, to my knowledge, not in the Rumble. As far as something long-term, at this point, I got the, ‘not right now’ deal, which is okay. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. If it’s meant to be, it would have happened. It’s more so, they’re having us still come back for extra work, I was there this past Friday and the Friday before.

Kylie Rae was one of the original signees for AEW, and she was thought to have a lot of potential in the company. Then she requested her release before anything really got started with her. Perhaps she may return to the company in the future.


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