KUSHIDA as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

KUSHIDA out due to skin disease

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New Japan has taken KUSHIDA from the Burning Spirit tour due to an unspecified Skin Disease. He missed an earlier show due to a fever, though he had a negative COVID test.

New Japan released a statement regarding his earlier missed show and current condition, “”KUSHIDA was removed from Saturday’s event in Kagoshima after presenting with a fever. After testing negative for COVID-19, he underwent consultation with doctors who diagnosed him with a suspected skin disease”

KUSHIDA is a 39 year old iconic wrestler from Japan. A former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, he also spent time in the US.

KUSHIDA as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion
KUSHIDA as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

He joined WWE in 2019, and remained until his release in 2022. He recently has returned to Japan, but as we’ve seen, he’s had an unfortunate run of luck. When he returns, is unknown.

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