Kurt Angle speaks on his surprise that Chris Jericho joined AEW.

Kurt Angle was surprised that Jericho joined WWE

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On “The Kurt Angle Show,” Kurt talked about Chris Jericho. He believed that Jericho would be a lifer, and was shocked that Chris went to AEW. Chris Jericho joined AEW in 2019 and became its first world champion.

This is what Kurt Angle said, “I thought Chris Jericho was gonna be a WWE lifer. I never thought he’d ever leave. He left before and I think he went to Japan, but never really signed with another company, at least not since he was in WCW. He was in WWE for the longest time and I never thought he’d leave and go to another company.”

Kurt Angle highlights Jericho’s star power, “Regardless, Chris Jericho is a huge star. He should always be in the main event, and he should be winning a lot of matches. It’s not like he’s past his prime. He’s still going as well as he ever has, and as long as he’s doing that you need to continue to push him.”

At this point, it looks like Chris Jericho will probably finish whatever is left of his career in WCW. Angle may well make a valid point. He left WWE for the first time in 2005 and could have gone to TNA. Kurt Angle would, just a year later. However, Chris Jericho never worked for a major competitor to WWE in the US, until AEW.

Is Chris Jericho a lifer in AEW? Did it shock you when he left WWE?

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