Kurt Angle wants to be featured at WrestleMania 39

Kurt Angle Undergoes Back Surgery

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On the most recent episode of his Kurt Angle Show,   Angle offered his opinions on a range of subjects.

The WWE Hall of Famer talked about his recent back surgery rehabilitation during the show. He stated:

“I think it actually worked. I don’t know yet, but I don’t have the pain going down my legs, so the operation definitely worked. I’m hoping that the pain in my back will subside, and hopefully it will in the next few days and then I’ll feel really good about it. The doctor did a great job. He really did. I was having problems with my legs and the nerves going down my legs and that’s all gone, so I’m good with that.”


Kurt Angle Thinks Brock Lesnar May Retire


After WrestleMania 39, WWE superstar Brock Lesnar may call his quits because “he’s done everything he’s wanted to do.”

The Olympic Gold medalist Angle, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, claims that Brock Lesnar, 45, may have reached the summit of his professional wrestling career.

Brock Lesnar Kurt Angle

During his appearance on the Rewind Recap Relive Podcast,  Angle was asked if he was surprised by the rumors that Lesnar was planning to retire and he was not.


“I think Brock has done as much as he could in his career, UFC Champion, NCAA Champion, WWE Champion, IWGP Champion.

“I think he’s done everything he’s wanted to do. I think he’s made more than enough money.

“And this guy what he likes to do is spend time with his family and go hunting and fishing.

“So, that’s where I would imagine Brock’s gonna be the rest of his life. That’s what’s gonna make him happy and I think he deserves it.

“I think he worked hard enough and made enough money that he’s gonna be okay the rest of his life.”



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