Kurt Angle Speaks About What Changes Are Needed In AEW

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During an interview with The Wrassingh Show podcast WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle shared his thoughts on AEW and the fact the company might not be as organized as it should be:

Kurt Angle is suffering from memory issues
Kurt Angle is suffering from memory issues

“I just think the company might be a little too loose … it’s more like the Wild West … not as organized as it should be. The wrestlers are making up their own promos, saying their own thing, doing their own thing, and I think there needs to be organized within the company where you have the writers telling the wrestlers what to say and enhancing their characters.”

Producers Need More Imput!

“I don’t know … putting the wrestlers in charge of their own promos and pre-tapes … and even their matches, I don’t know if they have agents for the matches, producers for their matches. So, I think they need to be overlooked, the talent. That’s what makes WWE so good, why they’re so organized, and why the show is always so tight.”
Angle’s comments are somewhat ironic as his Olympic gold medal is for American freestyle wrestling.


Angle On Memory Loss

Speaking on his podcast last week The Kurt Angle Show, the former WWE Champion stated that the concussions he suffered during his career have resulted in memory issues.

Angle noted that he has had four concussions, three of which were “really bad.” Furthermore, the legendary performer stated that although he’s only in his 50s, he has to stress a lot to recall things from the past.

“I would say I probably had four concussions that I know of. major. One was a slight concussion that wasn’t too bad. The other three were pretty bad. But, you know, even to this day, I’m starting to not remember things, you know, and I’m only in my early 50s. But, I’ve gotten a little damage to my brain, there’s no doubt about it. You know, my memory is not that great anymore. I really have to think hard about remembering the past,” said Kurt Angle. [H/T WrestlingNews]


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