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Kurt Angle says Brock Lesnar broke his neck for the third time

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It is a well-known fact in WWE that Kurt Angle won an Olympic gold medal in 1996 with a broken neck. His neck has been prone to injury ever since and in the latter part of 2003, Kurt Angle forgot to tell Brock Lesnar not to smash him over the head with a steel chair.

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The match also featured Chris Benoit who also had a neck injury. However, Benoit did tell Lesnar to avoid hitting his neck with a steel chair. In the latest episode of his podcast, Angle explained that he did receive a chair shot on the back of his head in that match which led to a broken neck for the third time in his career.

“Well, what happened was Brock Lesnar hit me over the head with a chair, and he brought it. I mean, when I tell you he brought it, he really brought it,” said Kurt. “The thing is, me and Chris Benoit both got hit with a chair by Brock that night. Chris, before the match started, he told Brock, ‘Hey, swing sideways on my head because I had surgery on my neck, and I don’t want you to come over straight over the top.'”

He explained that two discs had slid into his vertebrae as a result of the attack.

“I didn’t tell Brock. So he hits Benoit sideways, and Benoit’s neck is okay. “He goes over the top and hits me right on top of my head as hard as he could, and I broke — three broken vertebrae. I had bone chips in my neck, and I had two discs that slid into my spinal cord. So I kind of messed myself up again. This is the third time I broke my neck.”

Kurt Angle will be present today at the 30th anniversary of WWE RAW.


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