Kurt Angle almost drowned. Thankfully his daughter saved his life!

Kurt Angle reveals recent near death event

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Kurt Angle almost died recently. Angle was involved in a jet ski accident, and he was nearly killed in the event. With all his injuries, he had difficulty swimming. Fortunately, his daughter saved his life.

Kurt Angle recounts the full story on his podcast, “We went to Miami, Florida. The temperature was 80 degrees. We spent so much time on the beach. They had a wonderful pool at the hotel. It was a blast. I actually took my kids jet skiing. My first kid that I put on the back for me to ride them because they’re too young to drive themselves, I put her on the back and we went out, and when I went to make a turn, I slowed down and stopped, I wanted to make a turn and I didn’t put the accelerator on when I was turning and we flipped over. We went into the ocean.”

Kurt Angle nearly drowned, but fortunately his daughter was a strong swimmer. Kurt continues, “Now, Thank God my daughter is like an Olympic caliber swimmer. I even had the safety vest on me, but it wasn’t working. I was still sinking. I can’t swim. So I’m in trouble. I couldn’t get above water. I was going under. My daughter kept her composure. The jet ski got away from us. It was like 50 feet away from us. She didn’t know whether to go to the jet ski or to me, and she came over to me and saved my life.

Kurt Angle, “You know what honey? You just saved my life.”


“She pulled me over to the jet ski. She swept 50 yards with me in her hands. Then she’s pushing, and I couldn’t get myself on a jet ski. My arms are so weak now because of my neck. I can’t push myself up. So now she’s putting her hands under my ass and pushing me up onto the jet ski and she got me up there. Then she jumped up behind me and I said, ‘You know what, honey? You just saved my life.'”

I for one am glad, we didn’t lose WWE Legend, Kurt Angle this year. 2022 was already a difficult year without losing one of the greatest of all time.

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