Kurt Angle speaks about accidentally breaking Bob Holly's arm.

Kurt Angle on breaking Bob Holly’s Arm

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Kurt Angle spoke about accidentally breaking Bob Holly’s arm. Angle did a moonsault in a house show on June 27th, in Hartford CT. He’d done a moonsault and gave Bob Holly a compound fracture.

This is what he said on the Kurt Angle show, “We were trying to both communicate, so we were both speaking and I was trying to – I thought he should leave the match because he was injured,. And he wanted to leave the match because he had a broken arm and he was limited. So, I should have just listened to him but instead, we were both talking. Yeah, Bob wanted to keep going. He’s crazy. Me, if I broke my arm like that, I’d be like, ‘I’m done.'”

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Kurt Angle continues, “He’s like, ‘Come here, look at this.’ I look and it was Bob Holly’s arm, and both bones were broken, completely broken all the way. So I come into the hospital room, and Bob was going, ‘Hey, I don’t think it’s that bad.’ I said, ‘Bob, it’s broken. I’m sorry, man, but you have a compound fracture. This thing, it’s barely hanging on your arm. This was a careless spot that I didn’t practice – I never practiced doing a moonsault. I never figured where the person should be laying when I land on because I never landed on them before.”

It would be just one of many injuries over Bob Holly’s career. Hardcore Holly would wrestle on SmackDown the next day in a fatal four-way match, and then wouldn’t have another televised match until RAW on November 13th of that year.

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