Kurt Angle kissed Undertaker on the lips, instantly regretted it.

Kurt Angle kissed Undertaker on the lips, regretted it

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Kurt Angle revealed on his podcast today that he kissed the Undertaker on the lips in Japan. He would go on to regret it. Angle did it to get The Undertaker to break character. It was a success, but it was a long plane ride home.

This is what Kurt Angle said, “I got the Undertaker one night, we were over in Japan and we ended up having this match. Afterward, you know, him and I shook hands and then I gave him like, ‘Let’s hug,’ we went to hug, and I kissed him on the lips. He was so freaking mad. He’s like, ‘It’s a long plane ride home, Angle,’ that’s what he said to me. But I kissed him right on the lips. The only time I ever heard him laugh.”

It’s a bold man to do that to the Undertaker, but Kurt Angle is certainly one with more boldness, than perhaps brains. He recently made the news for another kissing spot. Brock Lesnar kissed Angle on the lips several years ago and recently spoke about that as well.

this is what Kurt Angle said, “Oh, I loved it, of course (laughs)! No! You know what? We got done wrestling, Brock and I were having a really good program together, and I think we were both babyfaces at that particular time. We just got done doing a show; we killed it. We had an incredible match. I remember Brock; he put his hand out to shake my hand and of course, me being the babyface, shook his hand. Then he put his hands out like he wanted to hug, and we hugged. And then he grabbed my face and kissed me right on the lips.” 

Kurt Angle seems to get a lot of kisses.

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