Kurt Angle Has Turned Down Tony Khan Twice Now

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Kurt Angle was making a guest appearance with NBC Sports Boston, Angle stated that Tony Khan called him and offered him a “pretty good” contract two different times. He added that Khan wanted him to wrestle in ten matches.

“They actually wanted me to wrestle in particular. Tony Khan gave me a call, they wanted me to wrestle.  I wish I could but it’s just not possible.”  They offered me a pretty good deal, but I just can’t do it anymore… They did offer me two different times, and they did want me to do an on-camera personality as well, or a non-wrestling role. I actually turned that down as well. I just wanted to start up my supplement company, so I wanted to put more time into that,” Angle said. 

“[AEW] wanted me to have big, special matches. They gave me a contract for ten matches, they didn’t say how long it would be so it might not have been for just a year, it might have been for three years and I would have wrestled three matches a year but I decided not to do it because of my supplement company. And the fact that I’m not the same as I used to be. If I’m gonna go in there and wrestle I want to be the old Kurt Angle and I know I can’t be that anymore.”

While Kurt Angle rejected Khan’s offer twice, it will be interesting to see whether he changes his mind somewhere down the line.


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