Kurt Angle Discussed His AEW Plans

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Kurt Angle, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, would be an excellent addition to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) but fans shouldn’t anticipate the former World Champion to be “All-Elite.”

Angle returned to WWE in 2017 after a decade-long tenure in TNA/Impact Wrestling, but he was fired three years later.

The Olympic Gold Medalist and former RAW General Manager stated he has talked about joining AEW but doubts it would ever happen on the most recent episode of his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show.

“Honestly, you know, I talked to Tony a couple of times. I dabbled and, you know, threw some numbers at him that were astronomical, just to see if he would bite. But Tony’s a good guy.


“He was a big fan of mine. I was the one he told me that he wanted in his company because he thought I was one of his favorite wrestlers. I guess he was a huge wrestling fan growing up. I was considering it, but now I have such a solid relationship with the WWE.”

Angle most recently appeared on WWE SmackDown earlier this month to celebrate the Olympian’s 54th birthday.

Kurt Angle AEW
Kurt Angle won his Olympic Gold Medals in 1996, with a broken freakin neck.


In October Kurt Angle gave Tony Khan A Price To Sign For AEW


Kurt Angle retired from in-ring action in 2019 at WrestleMania 35 in a loss to Baron Corbin. During the latest episode of his Kurt Angle Show he revealed the huge price he wanted to return to the ring when Tony Khan reached out to him to join All Elite Wrestling.

For 10 matches Angle wanted $3 million!

“It’s gonna have to be a substantial amount of money too. I do remember Tony Khan, you know, wanted me to come in and wrestle for him. This was like when they first started. And I said for 10 matches I want 3 million, that’s 300 grand a match.”


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