Koko B Ware hospitalized!

Koko B Ware hospitalized

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WrestleZone reports that Koko B Ware has been admitted to a hospital. The reason why the 1980s wrestling legend is hospitalized isn’t as of yet, reported.

Now aged 64, the WWE Hall of Famer, Koko B Ware was a featured wrestler in the 1980s wrestling scene in WWE. He was a highlight with his face past wrestling style, in contrast to the slower-moving traditional wrestlers. He’s also the lead singer of what might be one of the better wrestling-related songs ever recorded. The song known as Piledriver.

His career began in CWA, where he became a top star. Koko would eventually become the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion. His success gained the notice of Vince, who signed him in 1986, where he was featured as The Birdman Koko B Ware.

He had a lifelong bond with his bird, Frankie, who sadly died a few years ago in a house fire. Koko described the loss as if one of his children had died. In later years, he teamed with Owen Hart as part of High Energy. This team served to get Owen Hart known to the audience before his famous angle with Bret Hart began.

Koko left WWF eventually and wrestled sporadically for the rest of his career. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the year 2009. Some fans have questioned why he is in there, but his amazing in-ring skills and career legacy in the territories have always, to me, justified his induction. Plus, the song Piledriver was AWESOME!

Best wishes for Koko B Ware.

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