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Kofi Kingston On His WWE contract length

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Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have had a new lease on life after moving down to WWE NXT. The duo has won the third brand’s tag titles to complete New Day’s set of titles won in the company and help guide the younger stars on the back and gold brand.

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New Day are the NXT tag team champions!
New Day are the current NXT tag team champions

Kofi signed a five-year deal with WWE in December 2019, which means his contract runs till December 2024, but having been with the company for a decade and a half, many think he might start slowing down a bit. Speaking to Peter Rosenberg on Cheap Heat, the former WWE champion said he hasn’t given it much thought, indicating he will quit when he ‘stops having fun.’

“I don’t know. I have a couple of years left on my contract. I never say, ‘In two years I’m going to be done.’ We always get on Mark Henry about this because he said he was going to retire for 12 years. ‘I’m gonna be done after this year,’ and all of a sudden he comes out in his stuff, ‘Vince (McMahon) told me that they needed me, so I signed for another five years.’ Mark, come on man, you ain’t never retiring! We get on him about that.

This industry is so unique and so fun and such a short period of time in our lives, and I know it’s very hard to walk away. What a lot of people miss about it, and from being on the roster and what I’ve been told, they miss the camaraderie in the locker room.

Even now, I see the transition happening where myself, Dolph (Ziggler), Miz, Randy (Orton), we’re kind of the elder statesmen. Everyone else has gone through NXT, people who I didn’t come up with, so you see the natural transition happening, but the camaraderie in the locker room, it’s still there.

Once that’s gone, you don’t really get it back. I’ve always said, as long as I’m having fun, I don’t want to be the guy who comes to work every day and is complaining about being there, ‘I’m not happy with a storyline, I’m pissed off about this.’ This job is so amazing that you should be feeling elated about it every single day.

Obviously, there are ups and downs, we all know that, but overall, you shouldn’t be coming to work and having it weigh on yourself and you take it home and you’re mad about what’s going on at work and now the quality of your life isn’t what it should be (H/T to Fightful).”

As one of the most beloved and tenured stars in the company, it would be hard to see a WWE without Kofi Kingston, but he has earned the right to walk away on his terms.


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