Kofi Kingston reveals why his chest collapsed.

Kofi Kingston explains his unusual chest

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Have you ever looked at Kofi Kingston and wondered why his chest looks like it’s caving in? Well, people used to joke that it was Big Show’s chops. Turns out… the joke was the truth.

“You were talking about the reason for people getting hard chops and it’s based on, kind of, like, their attitude. And I wished that you would have told me that back in 2009 because I came out, I debuted in 2008, and you’ll remember, I had a nice, full chest. My chest was popping. Do you know what I mean? I go to do a pushup and my chest hits the ground. Do you know what I mean? I had a real life chest. And then, [Show] and I ended up having a match, and I got chopped so hard in the chest, and my chest has never been the same since.”

People used to joke about this for years, and it turns out to be the truth. He was asked by a fan after his title win at NXT Deadline, if he should get pec implants. Kofi Kingston responded, “”Haha, nah bruh. I’m very comfortable with my actual pecs…or lack thereof!”

Should Kofi get implants? Does Big Show chop a little too hard?

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