Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston discusses his 2022 Royal Rumble elimination

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WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston has always been a treat to watch in Royal Rumble Matches. Despite not winning the contest, his exceptional stunts to stay alive in the contest have often been the moment of the rumble. 

In last year’s contest, Kofi had a surprise elimination as he was knocked off the ring by Kevin Owens. However, Kofi landed on the barricade and tried to hold on to it but his feet accidentally touched the ground. 

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In a recent interview with Fightful, Kofi explained that it was the shortest time he had been in a rumble match. According to the superstar he was supposed to be in the contest for much longer.

Kofi Kingston Stated

When you go back and look at the stats sometimes, people will say, ‘Okay, this person was in for this amount of time,’ I think that was the shortest amount of time that I’d been in any Rumble. Of course, it was the shortest duration of a superstar in last year’s Rumble, too. It was

definitely supposed to be longer than that. I don’t know how long it was supposed to be, but it was supposed to be longer than that.

I’ve talked about it where I feel like we have our biggest growth when we fail, right? When we don’t do what we intended to do when we set a goal and we try to accomplish it and we don’t accomplish it.

That is where real growth happens. So part of me was kind of excited for the growth, to be able to experience that. It’s a situation where I’ve been doing these Royal Rumble elimination spots for a long time. I’m surprised none of them have messed up to this point.

I think it just adds to the element of realism to what we do and it reinforces, yeah, we go out there every week and things go off without a hitch, but sometimes they don’t.

That’s just the reality of what we do and what we do is not easy. It is actually quite difficult. Sometimes everything has to be 100% accurate. If one thing is off then everything will be off. Yeah, man. It’s all good, it’s all good. Hopefully this year will be different. It can’t be worse.” 

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