Kevin Owens and Shawn Michaels

Kevin Owens wanted match with Shawn Michaels

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Kevin Owens is one of the most versatile and beloved wrestlers today, but even his talents and obvious faith from management we not enough to get one more match out of Shawn Michaels. The WWE Hall of Famer is currently the Vice President of Talent Development and runs NXT, so perhaps he had his hands full instead of okay-ing a one-off match with the prizefighter.

Of course, Owens had another dream match against ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38, but it seems like he is not done wrestling some huge names in the business. It was Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful who revealed that the Canadian pitched to have a match against Shawn Michaels to HBK himself.

Kevin Owens wrestled Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38. Few saw it coming, and even more so that the match was good. Some called it one of the best moments of the entire PPV.
Kevin Owens at least wrestled Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38

Unfortunately, The Showstopper is a busy man, so nothing came to fruition. However, one interesting point is that Michaels told Owens that he has considered wrestling again, although, with that news, Owens won’t be the only superstar looking to score a match against the Heartbreak Kid.

“Michaels told Owens that he’d be lying if he didn’t think about doing another match, especially when he saw the kind of match that Steve Austin had with Kevin Owens at WrestleMania this year. However, he also said that he doesn’t think he should. AJ Styles had also once pitched a match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania that got turned down. Michaels did come out of retirement for a WWE Crown Jewel tag team match that he told numerous people was the biggest payday of his career. Fightful’s Jimmy Van had actually heard the one-match number for that was in the neighborhood of $3 million.”

It remains to be seen what comes of this pitch, but do let us know below what you feel about a potential generational WWE match between Owens and Michaels.


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