Kenny Omega Update – ” I Returned To Work To Quickly Backstage” Injury Updates

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All Elite Wrestling Executive Vice President and former World Champion Kenny Omega recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. During their conversation, Omega talked a little bit about some of the procedures he’s had done during his time off of AEW programming:

“So far, five procedures have taken place to attempt to make me a better, healthier athlete. These are injuries that have compiled over years. They’re ones I can’t neglect, and I’ve needed this time to start to heal. That’s what I’ve been doing during this time off—I’m trying to buy time back onto my wrestling clock. I would like to have a longer career, so I’ve looked at this time after losing the belt as an opportunity to start to fix what’s hurting me.”

Omega did confirm during the interview that his biggest issues were with his knees and his shoulders, but he also suffered from hernias as well:

“I spoke a little too candidly on one of my internet videos about a hernia issue I had dealt with in my neck, and I also had an athletic hernia in my stomach, which was causing me very sharp pain. There were days when it hurt with every step. It got mentally exhausting to pretend these injuries weren’t there.”

Omega also admitted that he may have resumed his backstage duties in AEW a bit too soon, as he was helping to produce matches for the Owen Hart Foundation tournament:

“It was a little too much, too soon for me because I was missing so much of my rehab. It was cool to be backstage two or three times, but I really need this time at home.”


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